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Kensington Locksmiths 24h LockSmith Services

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About Kensigton Locksmith

Kensington Locksmith is your ultimate security solutions and locksmith service provider. We are a fast growing company serving the greater UK area. We treat each transaction like it is our last. Our team of engineers and technicians have the skills and knowledge to address all your needs. We are a brick-and-mortar company that have been a trusted name in locksmith services, particularly in London for many years. We have an impeccable record in safety in the workplace and the field. No job is too complex or complicated for our trained locksmiths.

No job too complex
Skills combined with our specialized tools allow our locksmiths to open 99% of all locks in the market, including numbered combinations. Even if we comply with all the standards and codes in the UK, we believe that standards should start with us. That’s why we treat customer complaints and feedback very seriously. This is the only way to guarantee customer satisfaction. Kensington locksmiths aims to be there in your location the soonest possible time following your call. We know how stressful a situation is if you are locked out of your house or whatever your security concern.

Flexibility is our calling card
We are flexible enough to work with huge accounts like commercial establishments and property development as well as residential and domestic dwellings. Even if you just want your car opened and nothing else, no call is deemed too small for us. Locksmith aims to be your one-stop shop in security solutions, iron grilles and gates, door locks, safety vaults and all-access devices. Our prices are also flexible that can be tailor-fitted to each need. You choose your own packages which vary from the type of service you need or your budget. We work within your budget, not the other way around.

This is what we love
You always hear about companies claiming that their customers are number one but that’s par for the course. Nobody would confess that they are there solely for profit. To be sure, profit is good but only because it allows us to keep doing what we love. Call our friendly and knowledgeable operators now and tell us what you need.

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