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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of a high security lock?
A high security lock offers two advantages:
1.Their lock barrels offer a far higher level of security against picking or drilling than standard lock barrels do.
2.The keys are copy protected. Only the registered owner is able to obtain copies of the keys. The keys will be cut to number (the number can usually be found on the key or on the lock), therefore we don't need the original key to make a copy of your high security replacement key. What are combination locks? Combination locks are one of the busiest segments of our trade. Their advantage is clear: No keys!
They come in 3 different versions:
1. The medium duty digital mechanical lock
Many firms fabricate this lock, and its design is based on the Lockey digital lock. It is a medium duty lock. If you have heavy door traffic using that lock, it may break quicker than it should. This type of lock is the market leader by a long distance. The runner-up is the Unican 7000 series, pictured here:
2. The heavy duty digital mechanical lock
There are a few more contenders in this market segment, but the Unican 1000 pictured here clearly is the market leader.
3. The electronic keypad
It comes in many shapes and designs. The keypad works with an electric lock, which opens, once the correct code is entered into the keypad. An electronic keypad is dearer than the Unican and Lockey solutions (see above), it is also a lot more durable and altogether more elegant.

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